We’re taking a summer break from morning classes so everyone can enjoy the beautiful a.m. weather.   See you in September!

Group Training continues Monday thru Wednesday evenings.  Check our schedule page to confirm each week – Summer is short and we take advantage of it!

Monday:  Functional Fitness / Cardio Bag with David

Combine the best of both above classes with this extremely challenging class that includes core and complex resistance training followed by super high intensity cardio work on the bags  and cardio machines.  Not suitable for beginners, but when you’re ready, this class will take you to performance levels you thought impossible.

Tuesday:  Strikefit with Ellen & David

Cardio Bag, also known as fitness boxing, is a high energy, high-intensity full-body workout in our classroom outfitted with Century Wavemaster XL heavy bags.  In addition to lots and lots of Krav Maga-based punching, we integrate work with bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to give you a great whole-body workout that will increase your physical and mental strength and stamina.  Lots of fast-twitch muscle work and stress reduction as you pound away your frustrations.  Harvard Medical School has documented the health benefits of fitness boxing, especially for seniors:  strength, aerobic capacity, cognitive function and improved balance.

Wednesday:  Functional Fitness with David

Functional Fitness is a great full-body workout that trains your body the way you use it in life.  Almost no athletic movement isolates muscles; our Functional Fitness classes recognize that and run you through complex exercises that engage complementary muscle groups so they get stronger together.  We also work on flexibility and mobility, two other critical components to functional capability.  These classes make use of the functional equipment in our “Rack Room” and, weather permitting, the outdoors:  TRX, medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds, sandbags, battle ropes, etc.  Never boring, constantly challenging, always satisfying.  All exercises can be modified to fit your fitness level.