Hi Country Hydration

However you get after it in life, your body needs you to replenish water and electrolytes to optimize your performance and enjoyment. Here at Hi Country Hydration we hit it hard both in the gym and outside in our Rocky Mountain playground.

Whatever sport, whatever season, whether in the dry air of the High Country or sweltering in Death Valley, Cerasport will replace what you lose. And you’ll love the taste while doing something good for yourself.

Three major studies on Cerasport – two in the “Journal of Special Operations Medicine” (2012 & 2016) and one in the “Journal of Exercise Physiology” (2017) – specifically conclude Cera Products Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) are more effective at countering fluid and electrolyte loss than sugar-based sports drinks.

We want to introduce you to Cerasport and Cerasport EX1 because we use them to help fuel our workouts and outdoor adventures. We have found – and the research backs up our experience – that Cera truly delivers on it’s promise, unlike many of the rehydration products on the market.

Cera Products are the go-to hydration solution for all branches of the United States military, including all special operations units. Marketing hype doesn’t cut it on the battlefield or during life-or-death training. The DoD has adopted Cera products because they help keep Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen combat ready! https://ceraproductsinc.com/pages/military

Join the Cera community, perform at your best and feel the difference! Contact us at info@rmhclub.com for information or to order. We can mix and match all flavors and products.