20/20/20 (Strength/Core/Stretch) with Ravit

20 minutes of strength work, 20 minutes of core work and 20 minutes of deep stretching with a yoga belt. Classes vary using weights, ball, sliders, Pilates rings, and Therabands.  A satisfying full-body workout.

Barre with Michelle

Barre is designed with slow, controlled movement in mind. “Barre” refers to the ballet bar, and we use it occasionally for balance and proper alignment, but most of the class is on a mat with weights. Meant to strengthen the core to the very edge, you will shake and be sore, but that only means it’s working. All levels can participate, yet all will be pushed to their limits while working balance, strength and flexibility.

Bootcamp with Julie

Boot camp is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style class.  In this class we incorporate strength and cardio.  Every class is unique and different than the week before, always challenging the participants to change up their routine and transform their body.  This class will engage all ages and abilities and can be fit into any fitness program.  We use a variety of equipment and even move around to different classroom spaces depending on the design of that particular workout.

Candlelight Yoga with Leslie

This one-hour, all-levels, Hatha class is conducted in a dark room with candlelight. It is designed to help students “shake off the day” and to center into the self while practicing short sequences of various yoga postures (asanas). Each yoga class begins with a brief warm up followed by standing and balancing poses to warm up the body. The rest of the class involves holding seated and reclined postures a little longer to improve flexibility. The class concludes with Shavasana (corpse pose) surrounded by soft music, candlelight and other offerings to further the relaxation experience.

Cardio Bag with Beth, Ellen, & David

Cardio Bag, also known as fitness boxing, is a high energy, high-intensity full-body workout in our classroom outfitted with 20 Century Wavemaster XL heavy bags.  In addition to lots and lots of Krav Maga-based punching, we integrate work with bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to give you a great whole-body workout that will increase your physical and mental strength and stamina.  Lots of fast-twitch muscle work and stress reduction as you pound away your frustrations.  Harvard Medical School has documented the health benefits of fitness boxing, especially for seniors:  strength, aerobic capacity, cognitive function and improved balance.

Cardio Circuit with Joelle

Cardio Circuit alternates cardio and weights segments for a complete body work-out.  Set to fun music it is a medium to high intensity class.

Evening Yoga with Leslie

Leslie teaches an all-levels, one-hour Hatha yoga class that focuses on the overall body while integrating the mind and spirit through the breath. While each class is different, students can expect a brief warm up with a variation on a sun or moon salutation. The first half of the class entails a slow flow vinyasa (short sequences of standing and balancing poses (asanas)) to build strength and to warm up the body. The second half includes seated and reclined asanas to foster a deeper stretch in the muscles. Because class starts promptly at 5:30 PM, students are encouraged to arrive early.

Functional Fitness with Jevan, Julie & David

Functional Fitness is a great full-body workout that trains your body the way you use it in life.  Almost no athletic movement isolates muscles; our Functional Fitness class recognizes that and runs you through complex exercises that engage complementary muscle groups so they get stronger together.  We also work on flexibility and mobility, two other critical components to functional capability.  These classes make use of the functional equipment in our “Rack Room” and the outdoors:  TRX, medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds, sandbags, battle ropes, etc.  Never boring, constantly challenging, always satisfying.  All exercises can be modified to fit your fitness level.

Hatha Yoga with Stacy

A nurturing, fun, and non-competitive class that will help improve balance, strength & flexibility. Yoga poses will be linked together and done slowly, with attention to breath. Class builds slowly, with lots of stretching, and builds to more complex poses. Breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation, and stress management will be touched on. Class is suitable for those with some yoga experience, as well as beginners, as a variety of options for each pose will be offered. Students should be able to kneel on the floor and get up and down from a sitting or kneeling position without support.


Pilates with Ravit

Build that core!  Find your powerhouse and create stability and support in your body.  This is an intermediate level class, although beginners and advanced students are welcome. From mat work to Swiss ball, pilates ring-weights, Therabands and the ballet bar – no class is ever the same.  Come be challenged: move slowly and intentionally and get strong!

Silver Sneakers Classes with Becky

Silver Sneakers Classes for our mature athletes are designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, agility, balance and coordination and improve participants’ functional capacities and physical fitness levels.